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  • Kory and David in a dual-kayak just by the shore


Choose Your Own Itinerary

Go back in time on one of our glacier tours. Choose your own vessel for a whale watching adventure, whether it be a tour boat for several passengers or your own personal kayak. Hike into Glacier Bay National Park and see seldom viewed waterfalls, bears, moose, and other animals. If fishing is what you are looking for, we offer salt water charters for barn-door sized halibut and hard-hitting salmon. We also offer secluded stream fishing for Pink, Silver, Sockeye, or Chum Salmon. Not satisfied yet? Custom tours can include a trip to the Hot Spring, excursions to Skagway and Haines, and even flight tours can fit into your itinerary… the choice is yours!

View the many activities we can help coordinate below or choose from our customized itinerary packages here.

New Luxury Private Charters for 2023!

Bear Track Inn is excited to partner with Glacier Guides Inc. to provide luxury charter tours for our guests 

The M/V Seclusion is a custom 32′ Armstrong Marine Catamaran launched new in 2014. She is powered by twin V6, 300-horse Yamaha Four-Stroke outboards. The catamaran hull design is ideal for Alaska due to it’s stable, smooth ride. The hull is fully insulated to reduce running noise, allowing for comfortable conversation while underway.

The Seclusion offers comfortable seating for 6 inside the heated cabin.   A full stand-up head (bathroom) boasts a fully electric-flush head and easy access on the main deck. All the latest technology is taken advantage of in our collection of on-board electronics, including Sonar, Radar, and GPS Mapping.

The Seclusion offers a landing craft design with a drop-down bow door that allows guests to disembark easily for beach explorations. The Seclusion offers all the necessities and comforts for whatever adventure you might choose in the waters of Southeast Alaska.

New! Luxury Glacier Bay National Park Private Charters on the M/V Seclusion

Intimate Glacier Bay National Park Cruise

This exclusive Charter takes you on an intimate cruise into Glacier Bay National Park.
The vessel departs Bartlett Cove, returning in time for dinner or in time for the daily Alaska Air flight. Along the way, we will often see Humpback Whale, Orca, Seal, Sea Lion, Mountain Goat, Brown and/or Black Bear, Eagles, Puffin, Surf Scoter, and a myriad of Bird life. Glacier Bay hosts a very unique array of Bird-Life. It is possible to view birds that only occur here, in this semi-arctic environment, nestled among a Temperate Rain Forest. We have the opportunity to view numerous species of birds as they nest, feed, and tend to their fledgling young.
Available on board is a complete listing of birds possible to see within the Bay, along with a full-color guide to help you to identify the various species we will encounter. We are able to spend some time drifting at the face of a Tidewater Glacier, listening to the awesome roar of a moving river of ice, and watching giant chunks of ice drop into the ocean with a dramatic splash…. This is a day you will not soon forget!
Charter rate is $2,500 for up to 6 guest

Glacier Bay National Park Cruise with Glacier Kayaking

This exclusive charter follows the same route as the Glacier Bay National Park Cruise with the added excitement of Glacier Kayaking in McBride Inlet.   McBride inlet is an intriguing area with a narrow opening in what was the terminal moraine of McBride Glacier many years ago that now leads into an extensive fjord almost three miles long where the face of the glacier now reaches the ocean.   This makes for an interesting and engaging paddle that won’t soon be forgotten.  The kayaks with be launched outside the mouth of the moraine, and you will spend the next few hours paddling and exploring the inlet.

Charter rate is $2,800 for up to 6 guest.

Kory and David in a dual-kayak just by the shore

New! Outer Coast Adventure – George Island and Elfin Cove

This one of a kind charter takes you on a stunning adventure ranging from Glacier Bay all the way to Elfin Cove on the Northern tip of Alaska’s famous Inside Passage.
Along the way we have the opportunity to see Humpback Whales, Orca, Sea Lions, Seal, Eagles, Black/Brown Bears and a collection of bird life.
Sometime during the day, we will take a short hike on George Island to a World War II artillery site. This gun was active from 1942 to February 1944. This relic of a different time allows you to take a trip to the past while also enjoying the rugged beaches and the magnificent scenery.
Elfin Cove, often described as a small ‘drinking town with a fishing problem’ supports a large sport fishing economy. The entire town is built into the rugged terrain of the outer coast and the boardwalk snaking around the town allows you to explore this gem of Southeast Alaska.
This one of a kind trip allows you to enjoy a truly unique experience where the ocean meets the calmer waters of the Inside Passage. Join us for an unforgettable day on the water and experience the wonders that have captured the imaginations of explorers for decades.

Charter rate is $2200 for up to 6 guests

New! Hot Springs Adventure

Experience one of the few all-natural hot springs in southeast Alaska. Travel along the Inside Passage while seeing a variety of sea and bird life. The ocean part of this journey almost always yields multiple sightings of Whales, Sea Lion, Sea Otters, the occasional Orca, and a vast myriad of bird species.  An active Sea Lion rookery is also on the route, and it is always a treat to enjoy these magnificent animals.
White Sulfur Hot Springs sits nestled on the outer coast of Chichogof Island.  Once on Chichagof Island, take a short overland hike to the Hot Springs, which offer a unique view of the temperate rain forest and even an opportunity to see Brown Bears.  Situated at the back of a wide bay exposed to the open north Pacific Ocean, White Sulfur Springs offers the unique opportunity to enjoy a therapeutic soak in piping hot water while listening to the crash of bone-chilling waters washing upon the rocky shore mere feet away.
Change into your suit to relax and enjoy the beauty and solitude of Southeast Alaska as you soak in the soothing waters.

Charter Rate is $2400 for up to 6 guests

Salt Water Fishing

Fish on a local charter boat for hard-hitting salmon and barn-door size halibut on a shared deluxe cabin cruiser with up to four people (boat features enclosed cabin and head). Prices start at $500 per person and include your guide and tackle. Alaska fishing licenses are required and must be purchased separately. Custom fish smoking, processing, and gratuity are not included.

Fresh Water Fishing

Spend the day fishing secluded streams for hard-hitting Silver, Sockeye, Pink, or Chum Salmon, along with Dolly Varden, Cutthroat, and Rainbow Trout.  Prices start at $500 per person and include your guide and boat ride out to a secluded stream. Alaska fishing licenses are required and must be purchased separately. Unguided walk in trips are also available.  Call for details and pricing.

  • Young boy in a green life jacket standing in a stream holding a small fish

River Fishing

The river fishing trip offers a great introduction to spin or fly fishing in Gustavus. We’ll take a short walk through the forest to a bend in the river where we’ll fish for Salmon and/or Trout. Between jumping fish and wildlife sighting opportunities, you are sure to experience the excitement of Alaska on this trip. All fishing gear is included, as well as lessons for those interested. The duration of this private trip is around 2 hours.

  • Person standing in a stream with their back toward the camera casting a net into the water with a large mountain in the background
  • Two women stand side by side in a stream up to their knees in water and hold a small fish

River Fishing + Kayaking

On this trip we’ll use kayaks to reach fishing spots in Gustavus that are not accessible by foot. When we arrive at each fishing spot, we will exit the kayaks and fish from shore. We’ll start upriver and float downstream, ending where the river meets the ocean. As we travel the river we will have the chance to see bald eagles, bears, and moose. Depending on the time of year, we’ll have the opportunity to catch Dolly Varden, Cut Throat Trout, Pink Salmon, and Silver Salmon. Both fly fishing rods and spinning rods will be available. Fly fishing lessons are also included. The duration of this private trip is around 4 hours.

  • Two young men standing side by side each holding a large salmon

Kayak Trip to Pleasant Island

Join us for a relaxing paddle from Gustavus, Alaska to a nearby uninhabited island. It is common to spot bald eagles, sea otters, sea lions, and sometimes even whales as we paddle through the waters of Icy Strait. In addition to kayaking along the shores of this island, you will also have the chance to explore remote beaches and creatures such as starfish and sea anemones which are found in the island’s tide pools. This unique kayaking tour allows you to see a part of Alaska that very few visitors have ever stepped foot on. Trip duration is around 4 hours.

  • Two red inflatable kayaks in a river each hold two people

Sea Kayaking

Paddle around and see wildlife in Bartlett Cove! We have guided and unguided sea kayaking available. Choose from half day to multi day trips. Full day guided trips are $180.00 per person, half day guided trips are $130.00 per person, $85.00 per person for full day unguided, and $65.00 per person for a half day unguided. These trips are perfectly suited for beginners and families. Both single and double kayaks are available.If you’re interested in kayaking among a variety of Alaskan sea life, we offer a more advanced trip as well. These trips start with a short boat ride to a drop off spot at Point Aldophus where a guide will lead kayaking with otters, seals, porpoise, sea lions and whales, as well as tide pool and rain forest explorations. Call us for pricing and to learn more..

Glacier Bay National Park Trips

Experience the grandeur and beauty of Glacier Bay National Park aboard a high-speed vessel. This all day cruise shows the best of what Glacier Bay has to offer. See massive glaciers close up and observe abundant wildlife. Prices start at $275.00 per person.
You may also choose to enjoy a private trip through Glacier Bay on a 28 ft. touring vessel that can fit up to 6 people. This is a more flexible option for small groups looking to make their own itinerary. Call us for pricing and to see if a permit is available.
Camper drop-offs in Glacier Bay National Park & Preserve are also available.

Whale Watching

Climb on board and get your cameras ready!  Each year, millions of visitors come to Alaska to experience the best of nature.  The waters of Glacier Bay and surrounding areas hold some of the highest concentrations of Humpback whales in the world.   When you join in on our whale watching trips you will enjoy a truly unique experience that you simply cannot find anywhere else.
Take a half-day shared cruise on the m/v Taz to Point Adolphus, one of the best places to see humpback whales up close, as well as a variety of other Alaskan marine life. Learn to recognize them by their sounds, behavior, and appearance. Whale sightings are guaranteed. Prices start at $130 per person.
Custom whale watching tours aboard smaller boats are available. These tours are from 4 to 8 hours and can accommodate up to 6 people. Please call us for pricing.

Day Trip to Skagway

Plan a day in Skagway, Alaska. Itineraries include a flight seeing trip, 3-hour train ride to the historic White Pass Summit along the Yukon Railroad route, shopping and exploring historic Skagway, and more! Please call us for pricing.

Day Trip to Haines

Take a flight up to Haines, Alaska to embark on a river rafting trip on the Chilkat River through the Bald Eagle Preserve. Float past a Tlingit Village and travel on the river as they did. This is one of the best photo opportunity spots for bald eagles and other wildlife amidst the grandeur of glaciated snow-capped peaks.
Your day in Haines may continue with a visit to the Kroschel Wildlife Center for an up-close and personal experience with over 15 species of Alaskan wildlife. Call for prices.

  • View from inside a biplane towards its wing to show the runway and mountains below

Bear Watching

Choose from two different itineraries to visit Pack Creek located on Admiralty Island, a fantastic spot to view brown and black bears. Flights leave from Juneau. Call for pricing.

  • Adult black bear moving through the grass

Private Day Boat Tours

Have a medium-sized group and want to do something different? Trips vary from private ferry service and whale watching to tours to outlying fishing villages like Elfin Cove. Embark on a cruise to a small town, walk the boardwalk, enjoy lunch, and then return on a leisurely trip watching for whales, bears, eagles, and abundant sea life. Call for prices.