View from second floor of the meadow surrounding the Bear Track Inn



“What does my lodging price include?”

Pricing is per person and includes all meals from our gourmet kitchen (breakfast, lunch, and dinner), ground transportation to and from the airport, as well as transportation to and from all activities booked through us. Itineraries can be customized to include flights both to and from Juneau to Gustavus. We can also plan your flight to or from Sitka, Skagway, Haines, and Hoonah. Pricing does not include taxes or fuel surcharges, which will be added to the reservation. Prices are per person, per double occupancy. Give us a call for more details.

“When should I visit?”

The lodge opens for the summer in late May, and our season ends during the first week of September. July and August see the warmest temperatures. Precipitation is frequent in Southeast Alaska (50+ inches/127 centimeters) as we are in a temperate rainforest. However, this weather is very mild and will not hinder your ability to participate in the many activities and outdoor adventures that we offer. Please keep in mind when booking that fog sometimes delays flights so it is necessary to remain flexible.
If fishing is your motivation for vacation, see our “Fishing Questions” section that outlines season and availability based on what you’re hoping to catch.

“How do I get to the lodge?”

The Bear Track Inn is located in Gustavus, Alaska. Gustavus can be accessed by plane or boat only. We are nestled away on the eastern outskirts of Gustavus, approximately six miles from town.
Alaska Seaplanes offers select flights throughout the day on small commuter planes that can seat up to nine. A 50 pound limitation on luggage is imposed per person when traveling in small planes. In most cases, it is possible to store excess luggage with the flight service provider. Alaska Airlines routes into Gustavus once a day during select summer months as well. A ferry is also available on select days throughout the week, and is a four hour voyage through the Icy Straits from Juneau. We encourage you to contact us to discuss the best options for your Alaskan adventure.

“What should I bring?”

Since Gustavus can only be reached by plane or boat, it is important to come prepared by bringing all personal items and necessities that are used on a daily basis. There are no stores to get to easily – which is what sets us apart from most other lodges in Alaska. We offer an intimate experience for our guests to be surrounded by the beauty of Glacier Bay.
The summer climate in Southeast Alaska is unpredictable. Some days, the sun is shining and it’s 70 degrees, other days, it’s 50 degrees and drizzling rain – and sometimes, we even see both in one day! Average daytime temperatures in the summer normally range from 50°F to 75°F (10°C to 25°C). Precipitation is frequent in Southeast Alaska (50+ inches/127 centimeters) as we are in a temperate rainforest. Please keep in mind when booking that fog sometimes delays flights so it is necessary to remain flexible.
Adequate layered outdoor clothing is essential. We recommend layering with “moisture wicking” sports clothing, so you can shed or add clothes as needed to best remain comfortable. Any activities that take place on the water may require more bundling up due to lower temperatures and higher winds. We have a select amount of rain gear available for our guests to use, including coats and boots in all standard sizes, but to best be prepared here is a general idea of what to bring:
1. Warm Hat, Gloves, Socks, and Scarves – Wool is the recommended material as it is most thick and absorbent.
2. Long Underwear – Top and bottom; synthetic (Polypropylene or Capilene) is preferred over cotton for water activities as it dries faster.
3. Shirts – T-shirts, flannel/fleece shirts, lightweight long sleeve shirts, or sweaters.
4. Jacket/Sweatshirts – Pile or fleece-insulated jackets and wool/fleece sweaters.
5. Pants – Comfortable and durable jeans or khakis, fleece pants to wear under rain pants or waders (if applicable), convertible pants/shorts, and/or a pair of walking shorts.
6. Rain Gear – A good quality, two-piece suit with hood; coated nylon with factory-sealed seams or Gore-Tex.
7. Shoes/Boots – Athletic shoes and/or comfortable, sturdy and water repellent hiking boots. We have rubber boots in various sizes available for your use. These are best used for fishing, hiking to the beach, and kayaking. We have adult shoe sizes 5-13. Please call in advance to let us know if you will need a larger size. Children’s sizes are very limited.
8. Miscellaneous – Binoculars, sunglasses, insect repellent, sunscreen, personal toiletries and medications, and electronic chargers.

“What activities should I plan?”

The wonderful thing about booking with us is that we help you customize your itinerary! With over twenty years of experience, we are here to guide you. Check out our activities page for more information, or read our blog for unique stories as told by both guests and staff of the Bear Track Inn.

“Payment and Cancellation Policies?”

When booking a reservation for a stay more than 90 days away, a 50% deposit is required within ten days to confirm your reservation; the remainder is due within 90 days of the check-in date. When booking a reservation for a stay within the next 90 days, a 100% deposit is required within ten days to confirm your reservation. All cancellations will be assessed a $50.00 per person per night cancellation fee. Reservations canceled less than 90 days forfeit 100% deposit unless the room is rebooked or you can find a replacement. Weather in southeast Alaska can present an obstacle to flights and activities. The Bear Track Inn is not responsible for any costs incurred or activities missed due to weather related delays. Because of unpredictable outcomes during traveling, we highly suggest that you explore options for purchasing trip insurance.

“What are the Tipping Guidelines?”

It is customary to tip for services received, though it is not a requirement. Tips for fishing captains or private tours are typically $35-$50 per person in your party. Tips for whale watching are typically $10 per person; half day guided kayaking $20 per person, and full day kayaking about $35 per person.
As far as lodging services are concerned, gratuity ranges from how you felt the service was. Our employees are here to ensure your trip is memorable and goes smoothly. All tips are pooled and divided among the staff. As a guide, we suggest $25 per guest per night for good service, $35 per guest per night for great service, and $45 per guest per night for outstanding service. Again, the choice is yours.

“Is there an ATM or bank is Gustavus?”

There are no banks here in Gustavus. The only ATM is in a locally owned market, and it does not always have cash available. We accept Visa and MasterCard as payment, as do most facilities in Gustavus.

“When does it get dark?”

The days in Southeast Alaska are longer in the summertime. Typically, the sun rises around 3 am, and sets around 10 pm or later. After the solstice in mid-June, the amount of daylight decreases steadily, and by mid-August, the sun sets around 8 pm.

“What is the Altitude?”

The Bear Track Inn sits near the beaches of the Icy Strait, so we are at sea level.

Around the Lodge

“What are the rooms like?”

Our lodge features hand-crafted log construction with fourteen rooms, each with two queen-size beds, as well as a private bathroom. We also have two handicap accessible rooms. Rooms include down comforters and pillows, and furnishings include a table, two chairs, an armoire, and a trestle bench. All bathrooms have an extra-large sink, acrylic bathtub and shower, bath robes, hairdryers, shampoos and soaps, and extra-large luxury bath towels.
Front facing view rooms are available at an additional charge. These rooms include a mattress topper on each bed, an equipped Keurig, luggage stand, and a beautiful view of the Icy Strait.

“What is there to do at the lodge?”

There is so much to explore! Our lodge sits on 97 acres and is surrounded by large growth forest, open meadows, and views of the Icy Strait. You can easily take a nice stroll to the beaches of the Icy Strait, hike to the upper or lower waterfalls, or simply relax and read in our lobby by our handcrafted fire place.
In addition to the many outdoor activities, we also are equipped with a big screen TV and satellite, ping pong table, volleyball and badminton, horseshoes, workout equipment, darts, a library, card games, puzzles, board games… and much more!

“Is there Wi-Fi?”

Out here in the back country, Wi-Fi is hard to come by! Be prepared that cell service and internet usage in and around the city of Gustavus is minimal. To combat this issue, we have a cellphone booster that allows your phone to achieve 4g and other data types. The booster will enhance the signal to your phone, allowing you to access email and other apps that you need while away from home. We have Wi-Fi set up in the lobby and the guest rooms. However, keep in mind that our bandwidth may be very limited and slow.

“What kind of alcohol is available?”

We offer a fine selection of wines for purchase that include sparkling, light, medium, and full bodied wines. We also have a selection of after-dinner port. For beer lovers, we offer locally brewed Alaskan Amber and White.

“BTI Facts?”

Built in 1996, construction time to create the Bear Track Inn took one year. Opening day was August 6th, 1997- and we opened to a full house!
There were about 275 logs used to handcraft our lodge, and each log ranges from 120-150 years old. All of the logs used were infected by Sitka Spruce Bark Beetle.
We are located on a 97 acre property. It is a half mile walk to the Icy Strait from our door step.

“Is there wildlife?”

Being surrounded by wilderness does offer a variety of wildlife viewing, though it is unpredictable. Along with bears and moose, we often see eagles, porcupines, swallows, hummingbirds, geese, blue herons, ermine, and a variety of wildflowers.
We ask that our guests please help us keep these animals safe and healthy. We ask that you respect their space, do not disturb their natural behaviors, and stay at least 100 yards away while viewing.

“Are there bugs to be concerned with?”

Typically, the only insects that we encounter are mosquitoes or nats (also called “No-see-ems”) when we mow the lawn, and they tend to disappear less than a day later. We have bug spray on site for guests to use, if needed.


“What Types of Fish Are There to Catch?”

Saltwater fishing in the Icy Strait offers a unique experience for fishermen. Please keep in mind that the season can vary year to year due to weather, water temperatures, and spawning cycles.
1. Halibut is available year-round and can grow up to 9 feet and weigh up to 500lbs. Halibut is prized for its delicate white flesh, as well as its tremendous size.
2. King Salmon is available May 15 – June 15. It is the largest of the salmon, with trophy sizes of 40 and 50 pounds. Catching them requires a one-hour boat ride to the outer coast. They are available early in the season, and again late in the season. The spring run is the most consistent and abundant.
3. Silver Salmon (Coho) is available July 15 – October 1. Cohos average 8 to 12 pounds and attain weights in excess of 20 pounds during the summer.
4. Sockeye Salmon is available July 1 – August 5, and is almost impossible to catch in saltwater. However, they can provide explosive action when they enter their spawning grounds. Averaging 5 to 8 pounds, they will take your fly rod down to its backing before you can turn them around.
5. Chum Salmon is available June 15 – September 15. They are the ugliest of all salmon and show up with Pinks in early June. These can provide the fight of a lifetime on a fly rod.
6. Pink Salmon is available July 1 – September 1. This is Alaska’s most abundant salmon. They begin to show during June and stick around through July and August.
Freshwater (Catch-and-Release)
1. Dolly Varden is available year-round.
2. Sockeye Salmon is available July 4 – August 15.
3. Steelhead is available April 15 – May 20.
4. Cutthroat Trout and Rainbow Trout are available year-round.
5. King Salmon are not available.
Unguided walking trips are an option as well. We offer rod and reel and fly rod rentals. Options for self-guided trip locations are the Bartlett River for sockeye or coho, and the Salmon River for coho.

“Are there limitations on what I can catch?”

Stream or freshwater fishing is catch-and-release only. There is a limit on the fish you catch during saltwater fishing. Please contact us for more details, as the regulations change each year.
We have several options available for fish processing, however, the processing is not included in the price for fishing. Prices for fishing include your guide and tackle, but licenses will need to be purchased separately. You can purchase licenses, as well as King Salmon stamps, during your stay at the Bear Track Inn.

“How many people can a fishing boat accommodate?”

Chartered boats fit up to four to six people. All boats feature an enclosed cabin and head. Contact us for options for larger groups.